21st century

Laura Marling Noah and the Whale Johnny Flynn

There’s a new era emerging. Something that was here many times before and now is rising up again. Be part of a music revolution built to state the sorrows and life of the working class. Songs written to remind the people of the roots where all music was influence.

Hundreds of people are going back to folk music but adding a twist of new characteristics. This new movement "NU Folk" or "Contemporary Folk" began in London with the help of Laura Marling, Noah and the Whale,
Mumford & Sons, Johnny Flynn...etc.

Mumford & Sons. A London nu-folk band who came from nowhere and are soon to be everywhere uncluding the USA.

Johnny Flynn, who is considered the " poster boy " for NU-folk's look and style.

They all have one goal and that is to spread NU-FOLK to the new generation. Not only to teach but to show how spreading hope can be written by anyone, anywhere. Help from the internet and social media, NU Folk is getting attention fast, whether it’s receiving positive feedback or negative criticism.