Folk music has been in America ever since human can remember, however, the roots of folk is said to be from Europeans. An english folk songwriter, who had traveled to Europe to discover new inspiration, had discovered that folk music had been in America as long as the europeans had in the past.

The first folk songs were created back in 18th century where slavery was still around. There songs were about sorrow and pain, but filled with hope of a better life.


The style of NU-Folk has stayed with the same characteristics with a few changes in the style over the years since the 19th century.

For the gals: short shorts, dresses, denim shirts, ripped jeans, cut off denim shorts, and most clothing have floral prints or light pastels.

For the guys: boots or dress shoes, scarfs, ties, neckties, hats, trousers, victorian shirts, suspenders, vests, and most clothing are in the foals color palette.

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